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Welcome to fun sun wear We produce Australian UV sun protection swimwear and rashies that stop the sun but don't stop the fun!The main cause of skin cancer is too much sun and most skin cancers are preventable with proper protection.FunSunWear clothes offer excellent sun protection, comfort and style for all the family.The fabric is high quality, quick-drying DuPont Lycra tested and guaranteed by the Australian Radiation Laboratory to be at least UPF50+ and the seams are stitched with stretch thread to maximize durability.Designed primarily as swimwear which protects more of the body, the style of these garments allow them to double as sports and playwear and sports wear for all ages.Our bright colours and jazzy designs just add to the fun!Wearing SPF 50+ clothing that covers most of the body, a broad-brimmed hat and applying a SPF 15 or more sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin against the harsh Australian sun and reduce the risk of skin cancer.The following information is provided to enable you to make an informed choice when choosing appropriate clothing to protect against the suns ultraviolet rays.The design of the garment is the most important factor.It should cover as much of the skin as possible.Shirts/blouses with collars and long sleeves and long trousers/skirts offer the best protection.However, in some circumstances, elbow-length sleeves and knee-length shorts may be more appropriate and offer an acceptable compromise.Testing of different fabrics by the Australian Radiation Laboratory in 1992 showed that approximately two thirds of cotton and cotton-polyester fabrics offered 95% protection against ultraviolet radiation.The tests showed that the tightness of the weave of the fabric was the factor which most affected the amount of ultraviolet radiation transmitted. Colour was less important, however, it was found that dark colours gave more protection than light colours.In July 1996 a new Australian Standard (AS/NZ 4399:1996 Sun protective clothing - evaluation and classification) was published to provide information to consumers on the relative capability of fabrics and clothing to protect the skin against solar ultraviolet radiation.This information is provided in the form of a labeling system which uses the term ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) to rate the sun protectiveness of fabrics and clothing.The Standard regulates the sun protective claims that manufacturers can make about their products.The UPF rating is based on a test that measures the amount of ultraviolet radiation that passes through fabrics or clothing.Unlike the test method used to rate sunscreens which, using volunteers, measures the amount of transmission of ultraviolet radiation by human skin reactions, the testing of fabrics and clothing is done using machines.The test method of this Standard relates to unstretched, dry fabrics and clothing.The UPF rating of a garment could be lower when it is stretched or wet.The UPF rating only relates to the fabric that garments are made of.The rating does not cover the design of the garment which can affect its sun protectiveness.Fabrics and clothing will only provide protection to the skin areas they cover.
Fun Sun Wear

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